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Design Research Projects (DRPs)

The Gaming City



"Let's roll the dice until the game is over,

                                                     Let's live!"




The research for a design research project named "The Gaming City/World" initialized and conceptualized at NN (NoNames Design Research and Studies) in 2014. However, this original concept was thought and speculated by NN's founders back in early 1980's (We received our first IBM 8086 after having Amiga 500 and Commodore 64 for few years).

While we - coming from first gen of serious computer programmers and gamers - still had enough time to daydream about our "gaming utopia;" and apparently this is when the technology was far away from what we wished to accomplish: from game scripting, through game's graphics optimization to the organizing the first gaming tournament in the neighborhood where we lived in our childhood.

We tried really hard to keep all those childhood dreams alive and updated over the past 40 years.

Now, with the contribution of talented and dedicated teams of serious "designers and gamers" we would flourish this project and push it one big step forward. We would reach out other relevant organizations and individuals who could contribute to this proposal and assist us to realize the project and our dreams to come true for everyone.

Dedicated to all "Game Lovers" especially to those who love seeing "the fun of games" before and behind everything in the world!

we still hope that that day comes when we will be having more time to play games more than today and like old days.

- Eric and Patrick

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