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NONAMES Manifestos 2015:


“We are not in a design endeavor to duplicate the reality that has already been lived; we are here to promote an alternative and progressive reality we have all extensively been dreaming about.” - Eric Farr


Where are the manifestos these days; the communique, announcement, declaration, proclamation? Where are all Dos and Don'ts? We have missed them! We have missed the bravery and stupidity of youth shaped all those old manifestos at any costs. And we believe, the time for architecture has arrived to get the cache, La confiance, back. And instead of whispering, grudging, murmuring and muttering during the lectures, we have to be brave, silly and crazy enough to write our manifestos again! - Don Quichotte? - Doesn't matter!


We should practice the exploration of doubt; the continuation of the intellectual procedure whose very intellect founded on casting doubt. If we believe there is "faith" somewhere in architecture realm; there is one and only one: the faith in questioning the statements, assertions, thoughts and things.


We wear blacks time to time, but we should have big smiles on our faces not only when we are with clients, but most of the time; real smiles. And under one circumstance, we believe, everyone needs to be humpy and grumpy: the moment when architecture is about to get compromised! That's why we don't need the clients to be "happy" or "satisfied".


If someone asks for public participation in design, then, where is our participation for nurturing architecture? We should constantly ask when was the last time we dreamed about architecture that was just about architecture and not about ourselves, ego, pride and profit. When was the last time we dream about contributing to architecture and the good changes we can make to it in the name of architecture and not under our names? When was the last time we dedicated some of our time to read a relevant book, to pay attention to a decent lecture, and to contribute to the literature of architecture, not to become a scholar or to be able to outsmart others, but to enrich the architectural arguments but as mankind inheritance. Our society, everywhere, is dreaming about seeing the empty lecture rooms of today-architecture, once more, full of people with the architecture-flame-still-lit-up-in-their-hearts, crawling around to find a place. To sit? No, but, to find a room with even a very small window to watch, listen, criticize and learn, no matter how long they need to be stood up. 


It is the time; while we are not completely overwhelmed and dispersed by budget cut and merely driver of client's and the capital satisfaction for our projects; we still have the flame of that time when we were college kids, free and feather-light to take the risk and change for better. We make some spare time for daydreaming about architecture with creativity. In this room, we take a deep breath, sharpen our pencils, set our lamp, chair, and desk, open up the windows, free our mind, and start contemplating about architecture, for the sake of architecture, and for that we are always going to be the students of architecture no matter how many school we went to or titles we have!


Apparently independently and no more keeping our feet on the ground!


We need to raise the concerns about the occupying architecture; we must cast the doubt to our daily-based activities as the architectural practitioners. We ask many questions, because we are interested in questions more than answers, and not ashamed of being laughed at. Therefore we urge all social groups, women, and ethnic groups to help architecture with their questions, in order to be alive one more time.


We invite and celebrate diversity in order to redraw the lines of architecture; to coin and flourish the alternative schools of thoughts in architecture; to help the rebirth of those ideas that have been buried through the history of human-being because of ignorance or biasness. 


We have to stop the current stubborn trend of "intestine architecture" that is swallowing everything with its stupid tendency to its stupid ancestor of cheapest Hollywood movies. People should be ashamed of calling this monster architecture. There has been only one mission imaginable for this foolishness: destroying the remainder of architecture.


We urge everyone to think again and alternatively, contemplate more and deeper about architecture and its relevant issues and crisis. We encourage the alternative school of thoughts, ways of thinking, architectural design realization, and spatial definitions, in where "project: architecture" might potentially happen. Could, ought to, might, may, and "SHOULD, therefore, shape the major part of our vocabulary." we believe whoever is still alive and thinking about how to concretize upcoming better, MUST NOT fool themselves by forgetting SHOULD!


The contemporary work ought to explore subjects of inception and perception, progress, conception, expectation, liminality, categorization, value, conception and contraption, and the intersection of rhetorical language ("sublime the logic") of art and Wittgensteinian fideism of design. The work is aimed at provoking discourse and contemplation in the viewer or user in an attempt to disrupt conventional ways of perceiving and thinking, and to induce reflection and challenge the boundaries of what is known and fathomable: the transcendental value of being-for-ever and collective intentionality of rejection of contemporariness of becoming.

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