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What is this?


For decades, we, the wandering architecture people, have been looking for a Home or simply just a House. We couldn’t find that room to get into without an ID or being known.

To calm down, we whispered:

      "... Stranger, if you passing meet me and desire to speak to me, why

                         should you not speak to me?

                         And why should I not speak to you?"

But few would respond!

Then we thought of launching that missing place.

Now we contend that this is that maison or even only a manoir, if you want, to make distance from the fanfare happening out there; to settle down; to contemplate; to gaze into horizon; or just to exhale.


Who are the people?


People in here, house of commons, are hoi polloi, are plebians, but above all what they have in common is: Architecture. They not only love architecture but also live architecture.

They are obsessed with architecture.  

Those are the people who read analytically, think critically, listen curiously with only one concern: architecture; they make the other people even their own family anxious and disturbed, because they would talk about nothing but architecture.

Have you seen such a person before?


What do we do?


We carry out research on and design the most unprecedented or least precedented subjects in architecture. The outcome would be of a wide range of materials from publications, presentation, lectures, through increasing public awareness education and training, to pure design. For this we would pronounce this foundation as design research architecture society, community, foundation, or simply design research think tank.


What is the cost?


Whoever thinks that this is too romantic or idealist, they ought to get back to their desk or (even worse) their computer and draw the same lines they have drawn till now, for more decades, and need to try to forget this! 


If not, you should follow us to promote architectural time and thoughts of “Project Architecture” in here. For the same architecture we and you love and, we and you live!


Then, if you think you are having a valuable design or research project that can help promoting architecture, you may fit in NoNames' contributors pool. If it is the case, first you should visit NONAMES agreement page... then contact us.


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