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Copyright and Membership

Terms and Conditions of Collaboration, Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights Information


- NONAMES Design Research and Studies; an Architecture Society; known in short form as NONAMES, NONAME, NoNames, NN, No Names, No Name, NONE, NONES and might have be pronounced: No.Name(s), No.Names, NoName(s), No.Name's, etc. 


- NONAMES is a privately held design research institute, architectural group/center, foundation, think tank focusing of various aspects of architectural/urban/interior design or any other related fields in multidsciplinary, transdisciplinaery and interdisciplinary ways.


- All rights including the intellectual (property) right of all materials, presentations, designs, research, raw data, analyses, outcomes in any types, formats and shapes are reserved for the owner(s) of NONAMES, the right of use or reuse, produce or reproduce, edit, ... belongs to the owner(s) of this group.


- Sharing, using, reusing, publishing, exploiting, commercializing or making any financial or intellectual benefits of these NONAMES' works, in any form or shape, in full or part, or of any of its direct or indirect outcomes or subsidiary by-products, for anyone and everyone but the owner(s) is prohibited. Any dissemination or exploitation of NONAMES' works, fully or partialy, without written approval of the owner(s) may result in further legal actions. 


- NoNames has all the rights to use/reuse, produce/reproduce, edit (partially or completely), publish or utilize their direct or indirect outcomes in any shape or form and under any name(s) they wish to.



Membership Terms and Conditions


- DO NOT forget, this is a not-for-profit group; and a voluntary and non-paid activity and will remain so.


- The individuals seeking membership must have at least one job (full-time studentship is considered as a job)  other than contributing to this group, at the time they apply for membership.


- The individuals seeking membership should have a design project or research project associating with "promoting architecture" (NoNames' Mission), at the time of requesting membership.


- The individuals seeking membership should have a conventionally/professionally acceptable engagement with art, architecture, interior design, urban studies or related design and research disciplines.


- The membership-seeking individuals should accept and respect the copyright and membership terms and conditions and codes of conduct set by NoNames group and/or its owner(s).


- At any time you will be able to discontinue your membership, but be advised that the period of your collaboration will remain on the website and accessible to public if needed/decided so, and termination of your collaboration will not affect the agreement you sign or signed.


- If you would like to become a member, you would be able to notify us through email and send the requested documents. You will receive the agreement form upon the initial success of your application. Once you receive it, sign, it and send it back to us, we will start the process of making-decision about your membership which will take at least 10 days. 


- NoNames administration has all rights to cancel or suspend the membership of contributors, reviewers, and advisory board members, and/or promote or demote them. This can happen based on any reason or discretion and NoNames and its administration will not be obliged to answer under any circumstances.


- You should be able to check this page for further updates on copyright information and membership terms and conditions on a regular base at least once a month. the former contributors also must keep themselves updated with the latest terms and conditions 


- NoNames does not accept the membership or partnership of legal persons. Legal persons including privately owned businesses related to architecture, urban studies or interior design may be entitled as sponsor if their sponsorships holding only design-research nature and carrying pertinent dimensions.


Copyrighted Materials. All Rights Reserved

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