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Questions Pool

Questions and questioning were born long before human being!


The peculiar curiosity and doubt of "human being" has been the mirror of their thinking that raises the questions. The questioning invented long before the invention of language (; long before "the invention of lying). No matter how trivial or vestigial our questions are; no matter how sophesticated or  and what we receive in lieu of our arosen questons, they are the direct manifestation of human being existance; their very existance. The same being in term human being is being recognized and legitimized by awareness about the ability of questioning things. No matter how omphaloskeptic we are, the questioning is the subject of self-interogation. It is the manifestation of self-torture in order to feel the pain of the existance. It is how we conceive and how we perceive. Only after experiencing the buring sensation of our interinsic imploration pertaining to our surroundings, we would explore the questioning as the amelioration, in a technotratic way. 


Questions and questioning are the main drivers of any investigation. Nonames's plausible investigations is no exception. We are delighted to announce that, in NONAMES, everyone has countless questions. In fact, in here, we would assess people based on their questions first, then we would look at their responses and sophestication of their  solutions.


Among any, we all know that what architecture is and means .

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