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The Architecture of Gaming: A History_02

Having been designed, a number of games' graphics have been introduced that remembered the early stage of the development of paintings in the history of art.

By using the same techniques of abstraction experienced in 2D-painting so-called parallel view, the game developers held onto the simple way of representing the environment of the games. In this pixel-based method there mostly there is no sign of attempt for presenting objects in 3D. Quite contrary the Plan view and Elevation and section views are the most common way of visualizing the spatial attributes.

It means that for the lack of processing power of the computer, in early stage of Video game industry development, for both the processor itself and the graphics processing portion of the hardware on one side and the incompetent screens on the other hand, the interaction between the game and the gamer was totally compromised.

It was the imagination of the gamer may help themselves to see them playing ping pong or even being afraid of getting trapped between the not-moving walls by pac-man villains. The sky was the limit!

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